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Welcome to my world of wellness

I'll be honest, I've always had a love affair for the kitchen and creating beautiful and nutritious meals.  But it wasn't until I struggled with my own personal health issues such as eczema, gut dysfunction, weight, and women's health related symptoms (PMS & Ovarian Cysts), that I realized the importance of our food as medicine.  Sure, there are a myriad of contributing factors when it comes to our health, but I strongly believe that if we can move closer to nature and our roots we can begin to heal and thrive. It has now become my personal mission along with the mission of my sister and I's company, Zura Health, to help cultivate this knowledge through education, the tools, and support to ensure we all do our part in making our world and planet a healthier and happier place to thrive. 



For nutritious meal inspiration click below for my most recent kitchen creations.


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Heres to you, our planet and the collective health and happiness.